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1st Global Celebrates 20 Years of Guiding CPA Firms to Succeed in Wealth Management

Oct 16, 2012

Dallas, Texas — October 17, 2012 — 1st Global, a provider of comprehensive wealth management services for select CPA and wealth management firms, is celebrating 20 years of success and setting its sights on the future. For two decades, 1st Global has facilitated the growth of affiliated firms by equipping them with world-class research, accounting firm-centered advice, exceptional business development education and innovative technology. 1st Global is continuing its investment in the future with a new headquarters location. The firm is also declaring four primary business objectives essential to sustaining its growth for the next decade.  (more)

1st Global Congratulates Jim Koerner on Passing his Series 7 and Series 66 Examinations

Oct 1, 2012

1st Global congratulates Jim Koerner from Koerner & Koerner, P.A. on acquiring his Series 7 and Series 66 licenses. These new licenses allow Koerner & Koerner, based in Toms River, N.J., to offer complete financial services and expand clients’ opportunities for financial growth and success. Learn more about Koerner & Koerner at  (more)

1st Global Welcomes Francis M. Celona, CPA, PC

Oct 1, 2012

Francis M. Celona, CPA, PC, a solo CPA firm based in Pittsford, N.Y., has partnered with 1st Global to offer comprehensive wealth management services to its clients. After 30 years with larger CPA firms and four years inside a financial services firm, Celona has found tax and wealth management success as a solo practitioner. As a CPA, Celona’s encompassing financial skills are well suited to develop holistic wealth management plans for clients.  (more)

1st Global Welcomes Stone Financial and Tax Center

Oct 1, 2012

Stone Financial and Tax Center, a full-service financial firm based in Arkansas, has formed a new strategic partnership with 1st Global. Through this affiliation, Stone Financial will help its clients achieve financial success through holistic wealth management. By leveraging this new partnership, Stone Financial can achieve its true growth potential.  (more)

1st Global Launches Wealth Management Feasibility Analysis and Consultation Offering for CPA Firms

Aug 16, 2012

1st Global, a leading growth consultant for select CPA firms, is launching a comprehensive discovery program for firms interested in maximizing the growth, profitability and valuation of their current wealth management program, or exploring the addition of wealth management services for the first time.  (more)

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

May 2, 2012

Recognizing and managing emotions may help keep investing plans intact.  (more)

Growth Consultant to CPA Firms Provides Interactive, In-depth Business Building Opportunities on its New Website

Mar 6, 2012

1st Global, a leading growth consultant for select CPA firms, now offers interactive, in-depth wealth management and business-building opportunities on its new website. With many CPA firms experiencing flat or little growth over the last five years, this information as well as exchange of ideas on the site will be very beneficial for CPA firm partners seeking sustainable profits.  (more)

DRDA Wealth Management, LLC Joins 1st Global

Feb 24, 2012

DRDA Wealth Management, LLC, with offices in Galveston and Clear Lake, Texas (the Greater Houston area), has affiliated with 1st Global to offer wealth management services to its clients.  (more)

Docupace Technologies Rolls Out Paperless System Throughout Broker/Dealer

Feb 16, 2012

Broker/dealers and investment advisors are rapidly transitioning away from paper-based forms and processes to electronic, automated systems in an effort to reduce errors and increase efficiencies. Docupace Technologies, the industry leader in paperless processing systems, and 1st Global, the premier business development and resource partner to leading wealth management firms, announced today the deployment of a complete paperless office solution for the Dallas-based firm and their more than 500 affiliated tax-centric wealth management firms.  (more)

1st Global’s National Conference 2011 asks, “What’s Next?”

Dec 15, 2011

1st Global, headquartered in Dallas, Texas renewed its commitment to wealth management excellence at its 20th annual National Conference, November 13-15, 2011, at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.  (more)

Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz is Interviewed by Research Magazine

Aug 1, 2011

As the father of modern portfolio theory, Dr. Harry Markowitz needs no introduction. His first published article in 1952 provided a framework for how investors could most effectively face uncertainty.  (more)

1st Global Engages Dr. Art Laffer

Nov 1, 2010

1st Global, the wealth management and business development partner to leading CPA, tax and estate planning firms, announces that Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, "Father of Supply-Side Economics" and creator of the Laffer Curve, has been engaged as an economic advisor to 1st Global's Investment Management Solutions (IMS) investment committee and as a consultant to 1st Global's executive management team.  (more)

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