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1st Global Serves Community on Freedom Day

Sep 27, 2016

While Sept. 11 is a date that is characterized by the memories of a tragic day in America, Entrepreneurs for North Texas (EFNT) uses it as a time to honor veterans and make a difference in the community. For 15 years, EFNT has hosted Freedom Day to bring North Texas businesses, veteran groups and non-profit organizations together to complete service projects that benefit the community. With more than 700 volunteers this year, these projects help unite the community in one of the largest service days in Texas.

As a first-year member with EFNT, 1st Global is joining efforts in the community to enact the company’s guiding principle of “aspire to servant leadership.” Twenty-six volunteers, including employees’ children and family members, represented 1st Global at Frisco Family Services (FFS) for Freedom Day 2016 and joined in the effort to help characterize Sept. 11 as a day of selfless service.

1st Global volunteers and families weeded, trimmed and tilled the FFS Community Garden to make it usable to grow fresh produce for Frisco residents in need. Since opening the Community Garden in 2014, FFS has grown more than 1,300 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to give directly to the Frisco Food Pantry and residents who are unable to afford these items on their own. With 1st Global’s help, the Community Garden was restored and is now ready for fresh vegetation to be planted.

Many 1st Global participants were truly impacted by the opportunity to be able to give back to the community on this memorable day.

 “Freedom Day was a very special day for me,” 1st Global volunteer Sarah Merrill said. “Working alongside peers and leaders of 1st Global on Sept. 11 was a truly humbling experience. It was amazing to be able to see the difference our small group made in just a few hours — all in the name of bettering our community on 9/11.”

After this initial step of involvement in Freedom Day 2016, 1st Global will continue to increase participating in community volunteer initiatives and aspire to servant leadership through its partnership with EFNT.

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