Brochures & Handouts

Brochures & Handouts

1st Global’s brochures and handouts help your firm nurture client relationships while educating and enlightening them in wealth management and portfolio strategies.


Client Engagement

Live Your Dream Brochure

The Client Engagement brochure promotes the benefits of working with a financial advisor affiliated with 1st Global and explains how our purpose, philosophy, people and processes are the basics behind clients’ customized tax-managed financial solutions. There’s also space for you to add a personalized firm profile, which can include information specific to your firm as well as a statement of your commitment to comprehensive wealth management.


IMS Program Sheets 1st Global IMS Program Sheets

1st Global Investment Management Solutions (IMS) Program Sheets are available for IMS Portfolio Choice, IMS Flex Choice and IMS Unified Choice and include a clear, concise overview and definition of the program, as well as unique features, advantages and trade-offs, flexibility and portfolio size options.




IMS Select Portfolio 1st Global IMS Select Portfolios Strategy Sheets

1st Global Investment Management Solutions (IMS) Select Portfolios Strategy Sheets are available for managed, passive, blended, fundamental, fundamental blend and core/satellite strategies. They each describe what 1st Global IMS Select Portfolios offer clients with different appetites for volatility, while diversifying across seven asset classes and incorporating automatic rebalancing, tax efficiency and a long-term performance perspective, and follow with strategy specific features, benefits, and portfolio size options.


Advisor GuideAdvisor Guides

Advisor Guides are concise, educational guides on all IMS programs and all IMS Select Portfolios strategies to provide snapshots, easy navigation through the different solutions for their clients, understanding of the distinct features, usage and considerations.

In The News

  • 1st Global’s Jeff Magson’s Article Featured on CNBC

    May 17, 2017
    1st Global Executive Vice President and Client Experience Officer Jeff Magson’s article “Advisors Should Practice What They Preach and Offer Fee Diversification” was recently featured on CNBC’s “Advice and the Advisor” special report, which is a how-to guide for financial advice geared toward both consumers and professionals.  (more)

  • 1st Global’s Bernard Ingram Contributes to INSIDE Public Accounting Article

    May 16, 2017
    1st Global Assistant Vice President of Business Development Barnard Ingram recently provided insight regarding the accounting industry’s efforts to increase diversity within the profession in an article “Conversations about Diversity: From Hitting the Numbers to Shifting the Culture” for INSIDE Public Accounting.  (more)

  • 1st Global One of 9 Firms Adopting More Transparent Fee Disclosure Model

    May 16, 2017
    1st Global recently received media coverage in multiple publications after the North American Securities Administrators Association announced earlier this month that a number of firms have agreed to use a fee disclosure model developed by NASAA.  (more)